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About Us


Leading Communities Together

Change Everything is a consortium of passionate professionals, committed to the principles of social change, empowering leaders with the tools and coaching to take on complex social issues.

Yes, there is a “science” behind the process of change. Great social shifts in American history did not happen by accident. Monumental change in American society has always been realized by means of a carefully implemented process that has involved catalytic leadership, intelligent messaging, collective engagement of all stakeholders, and the recruitment of powerful and influential advocates.

Change—real and lasting change—can occur in our world if audacious people are willing to follow the principles of change that have propelled the great social movements of the past. And that is why Change Everything exists.

We understand these principles.


We live these principles.


We have applied these principles in various places with great success.


And we know how to help you appreciate, grasp, and utilize these same principles in your own cause-driven organization so that you, too, can change the world.

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