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Project Opioid
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Project Opioid is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering leaders across the country with the tools they need to confront the overdose crisis in their communities. The opioid crisis continues to pose and urgent public health threat in the United States, with overdose deaths climbing to new records for each of the past four years. Using the Project Opioid model, we align leaders around one shared goal: to reduce opioid deaths. 

We arm our leaders with tools to build regional coalitions, collect groundbreaking research, and perform high-level advocacy to transform and save lives impacted by the opioid epidemic in their communities. Make an impact in your local community by visiting our website. 

Rethinking Homelessness

Rethinking Homelessness is a national initiative that brings together elected officials, non-profit leaders, service providers, business executives, and other community leaders to build coalitions, create new best practice strategies, and do cutting-edge advocacy to transform and save lives impacted by homelessness and poverty.

Rethinking homelessness has worked with leaders across the state of Florida, resulting in some of the most measurable and rapid reductions in homelessness in American history. Learn more about our work on homelessness below. 

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Breaking Thru
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America is facing a mental health crisis, particularly when it comes to Gen Z and Millennials. Breaking Thru is a movement committed to changing the conversation, culture, and connection around Gen Z and Millennials who are struggling with mental health like never before. It seeks to give them urgently needed resources through data-driven programs, advocacy, and community partnerships that can transform their lives.

Breaking Thru’s three parts- Initiative, Tribe, and Redesigned Mind- work together to destigmatize mental health challenges, promote accessible and evidence-based resources, and foster a community that nurtures holistic well-being. Join the movement by visiting our website below.

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